Welcome (back) to Dysbooks

Hello, and welcome to Dysbooks.

We have existed since 2010 but this is our new and much improved website. We have done our best to make it easier to navigate and use, with less visual clutter. Not only have we improved the look of the website we have improved our content and found even more useful resources for our users.

New things you can expect from us:

  • Greater use of audio and video
  • Profiles for dyslexic writers
  • More information to support children and young people
  • Improved writing advice
  • Help for students, including study skills pages
  • Publishing and writing careers information

Our blog posts are going to be shorter and more frequent. They will include reviews of books in a range of formats, interviews, event information, publishing careers support and writing advice.

While we enjoy collaborations and have taken part in these in the past currently we are mainly focused on putting out our own content. Examples of past collaborations include audiobook reviews for The Codpast and the anthology Everything is Spherical published by RASP (Rebelling Against Spelling Press).






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