Spelling can be a particular challenge, especially in exams where you can get marked down in these for errors and cannot get help with proofreading. It can be really difficult to improve overall spelling quickly. We advise picking words you will need to use regularly or ones that will get you extra marks, such as technical terms. Focus on just learning to spell those words.

If you are unsure of how to spell something you can also look to see if the word is used on the question paper, then copy the way it is spelt. Mnemonics and drawing can help with learning how to spell words you will need to write often, like author names. Another trick when stuck on a spelling is to think of a word or words that have parts of the same sounds in them, so for example if you are struggling to spell hospital but can spell hospice this can help you guess the right spelling.


Deliberately poor handwriting can also disguise misspelling and stop you losing marks. The key is to practice so your writing is still readable and you only smudge or draw some letters so they could be read several ways. It works especially well for letters like lower case o, e, c and a when you know they go together in the middle of a word but you do not know what way round they go. It is harder to do it with pointier letters and these need to be clearer so the whole word shape is the same. This makes the word readable even with some creative changes.

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