Dyslexia: How to Survive and Succeed at Work – by Dr Sylvia Moody

ISBN: 978-0091907082

A great starting point for anyone wondering how dyslexia or dyspraxia might affect them in the work place, or currently dealing with problems at work due to dyslexia/dyspraxia.

The book explains what dyslexia is, the dyslexia assessment, how to get assessed, and what can be done to help dyslexics/dyspraxics deal with workplace difficulties they are likely to encounter.

How to Get a Job in Publishing, A Really Practical Guide to Careers in Books and Magazines – by Alison Baverstock, Susannah Bowen and Steve Carey

ISBN: 978-0713685039

A very helpful book about how to get your first job in the publishing industry and the best first jobs to take for your long term career aims. It has advice on CV writing, networking, and insights into what working in the different areas of publishing is really like. It is full of quotes and advice from people in different levels in the industry about their career progression and what they look for in potential employees.

Screw Work Let’s Play – John Williams

ISBN: 978-0273730934

This is a brilliant book about how to get paid to do the things you love and are truly good at, so it no longer feels like you are working. It’s surprisingly practical, and full of inspiring case studies about people of all walks of life and backgrounds who have done just this. The focus on designing your job to suit your unique strengths, while avoiding weaknesses, makes this a great book for dyslexics and people with other learning differences.

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