Dyslexic children might need specialist help to learn to read and write well enough to deal with school work. Reading and writing can be very difficult for them.

Children with dyslexia who like listening to stories or books are at an advantage over those who do not. They are going to be more motivated to learn to read and write. The more dyslexic children read and write the better they get. It just takes a lot longer for them to improve than it does a child without dyslexia.

When looking for books for dyslexic children try to find ones they will be interested in regardless of genre or what anyone else thinks they should be reading. This might seem like obvious advice, but we have come across parents who have been told to buy dyslexic children factual books or classics, even though their children do not like them.


Dyslexic children who do not enjoy the books they are given can be put off reading for years. It is already much harder for them to read so they need whatever motivation they can get to keep going.

If a dyslexic child loves comic books or manga, then great, buy them those. If they have a hobby or special interest then buy them books about that hobby or special interest. If they really struggle with reading but enjoy listening to stories then buy them audiobooks and read to them. Listening to books they enjoy but cannot read themselves will make them want to learn so they can read the sort of books they enjoy. Whatever they read or listen to it increases the chances of their reading skills improving.

A good starting point for readers with a low reading age but advanced interests could be be books from the publisher Barrington Stoke.

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