There are lots of exciting dyslexia projects and organisations. These include national charities, small nonprofits, individual run projects, meet up groups and collaborations.

The busiest time for the dyslexia community and the best time to find events is in November as this usually includes Dyslexia Awareness Week.

UK Wide Dyslexia Charities

The two biggest dyslexia charities in the UK are Dyslexia Action (currently in administration) and the BDA (British Dyslexia Association).

The larger charities offer regional support groups for parents, children and adult dyslexics. Details can be found on their websites.

Regional Dyslexia Charities and Organisations 

The main regional dyslexia charities and nonprofits include Dyslexia Scotland, Dyslexia Association of Ireland, and Dyslecsia Cymru / Wales Dyslexia.

Smaller regional dyslexia groups include Dyslexia Cornwall.

Regional charities and nonprofits sometimes offer support groups for parents, children and dyslexic adults within their regions. Details can be found on their websites.

The smaller independent groups such as the Essex Dyslexia Support Group can sometimes be most easily found by searching on social media.

Parent Led Organisations

The largest parent led organisation is IPSEA (Independent Parental Special Education Advice).

Dyslexic Led Organisations and Projects

Dyslexia led organisations, nonprofits and projects include Dysbooks, Made by Dyslexia, NUwordBeing Dyslexic (the website includes the largest UK based dyslexia forum), The Codpast, Dyspla, RASP (Rebelling Against Spelling Press), The Festival of Dyslexic CultureLondon Adult Dyslexia Support Group, Birmingham Dyslexia Adult Support Group and Dyslexia Success UK, a meet up group for dyslexic adults offering free talks, workshops, and social events.

To get more of an idea of what the dyslexic adult part of the community gets up to you can check out our events page or watch a trailer below for one of Dyspla’s past eventsDypla Featival 2013: Monsters Mavericks Mothers.