Henry Winkler – Children’s Writer 

Henry Winkler is an actor, children’s author, and a dyslexia activist. He did not find out he was dyslexic until he was an adult and this affected his relationship with his parents, who did not understand his difficulties with learning when he was growing up. He has supported campaigns on behalf of dyslexic children and made TV appearances to raise awareness about dyslexia.

While he is best known for playing the Fonz on TV show Happy Days and his work as an actor Henry Winkler has also written a series of very successful children’s books about a dyslexic boy, Hank Zipzer.

You can find out more about Henry Winkler and his work at: penguin.com

Books by Henry Winkler

Bookmarks Are People Too!


A Short Tale About a Long Dog


Stop That Frog!


Fake Snakes and Weird Wizards

There’s a Zombie in My Bathtub

How to Hug an Elephant

You Can’t Drink a Meatball Through a Straw

The Soggy, Foggy Campout

A Tale of Two Tails

Dump Trucks and Dogsleds

Niagara Falls, Or Does It?

I Got a D in Salami

The Day of the Iguana

The Zippity Zinger

The Night I Flunked My Field Trip

Holy Enchilada!

Help! Somebody Get Me Out of Fourth Grade

Summer School! What Genius Thought That Up?

My Secret Life as a Ping-Pong Wizard

Who Ordered This Baby? Definitely Not Me!

The Curtain Went Up, My Pants Fell Down

Barfing in the Backseat

Life of Me, The

You can watch Henry Winkler talking about his dyslexia, his visits to school children and his books in the YouTube footage from the BBC below.

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