Blake Charlton – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer

Blake Charlton credits science fiction and fantasy novels with saving him from illiteracy. Having spent years in special ed classrooms during his childhood has made him into an advocate for other dyslexic people.

In addition to writing his fantasy series about about a dyslexic wizard, Blake Charlton is a doctor and cardiology fellow at the University of California San Francisco.

He graduated top of his medical degree class from Yale University. He studied for his degree while writing his first novel. He won three different writing awards while at the university, the English department’s Getts Prize, Curtis Prize, and Mifflin Prize. He describes this period of his life as one where he overcompensated for his dyslexia out of fear someone had made a terrible mistake in letting him into Yale.

His nonfiction writing has been published by The New York Times and The British Medical Journal. Blake Charlton hobbies include sports and collecting self-deprecating jokes about dyslexia and premature baldness.

You can find out more about Blake Charlton and his work at:

Books by Blake Charlton







Blake Charlton talk about his experiences with dyslexia and his books in the YouTube Video below, Author Event: Spellbound by Blake Charlton.

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