What are the Benefits of eBooks eReaders for dyslexics?

There are many different e-readers and e-reading apps available. They are all slightly different but most provide the ability to change the size type of font when viewing e-books. Some include the ability to store and listen to audiobooks while reading, have a feature that can read out the text of an e-book, and some provide the ability to change the background of an e-book to off-white. No e-readers we are aware of provides the ability to use a wider range of background colours than black, white, and off white. There are apps you can download to your computer to change the colour of your monitor so coloured glasses and overlays are not needed for reading. These could be used with e-books downloaded to computers.


Most e-reader screens are designed to be easier to read from than a computer screens or portable media devices due to features created to limit any possible eye strain. Most are side lit so light isn’t going directly into your eyes, have anti-glare screens for reading in direct sunlight, and many have e-ink screens. These give a reading experience very much like reading from paper, and devices using these screens tend to have a longer battery life as the device only uses power when you turn a page or click something. Some e-readers will let you download other files to them, such as pdfs, so if using these screens is easier you can read other documents on them. Some let you access emails and the internet. Some also let you set up subscriptions to blogs or magazines. It is now possible to read manga and graphic novels on e-readers too.

Below is a YouTube video highlighting features of different Kindles and how these could be useful to dyslexics created by Dysbooks. It is a slightly older review, being the first we created, but much of the information about how such features can help has not changed.

Where Can I Find eReaders and eBooks?

eReaders can be bought in some bookshops, including big bookshop chains and some independents. They can also be bought online, and through some electronics stores, and even some supermarket chains.

Not all ereaders are the same or have the same features so make sure the device you choose has the main features you are looking for, especially if you are looking for something like a text to speech element.

It is easy to find ebooks online, they can usually be bought through ereaders, and some libraries now offer a lone service for ebooks, these automatically delete themselves once the period of the ebook lone is over.

Questia is has a particularly large collection of academic texts, and we would recommend the websites to students looking for ebooks or to expand their course reading.

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