Dyslexic people are a varied group and the careers they chose or find themselves in are just as diverse as they are. There are dyslexic writers, editors, publishers, journalists, lectures, teachers, booksellers and librarians. That does not mean pursuing a career in writing or publishing is easy for someone with dyslexia. Even when you have overcome many difficulties, been academically successful or otherwise excelled with written language it can still feel daunting. Many people are quite ignorant about dyslexia and there will be people who doubt your abilities, one of them might even be you.

Having self belief and the confidence to try can be one of the biggest challenges for dyslexics pursuing a career in writing and publishing.  If you find yourself struggling with this or even on where to start with pursuing such a career then Neil Gaiman’s 2012 Commencement Speech might be just what you need to help you figure a few things out. While not dyslexic himself Neil Gaiman’s careers advice is still relevant and uplifting. There is more inspiration on our Writers page.

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